Our Commitment:

Eagle Clean Inc. was established after over 20 years of business support to customers across a broad range of products and services, spanning across North America, Australia and United Kingdom; a period yielding a mastery of understanding all types of customer needs.  Also in those years came a strong learning about customer value; a true understanding of what was missing for customers to be HAPPY.  We have learned how to create value and a customer relationship.  With that commitment, then came the creation of our mission statement.

Our Mission:

Make Customers Happy.

All Eagle Clean Inc. employees are trained in how to deliver value to our customers – it is not so much in what we say but more in what we do, and how we do it.  Quality is above all the most important aspect in our results and is why we provide top trained and skilled staff, use only the highest grade ingredients with the industry’s best and safest equipment; all topped off with a smile and a genuine care for your home or office – for the sake of your family and/or employees.

The bottom line – we care about our results and we strive simply for your being HAPPY.

Our Vision:

In 2009 marked some devastating and scary events with the American and World economy; events many of us will forever remember.  Since 2005 millions of jobs have been pushed overseas as companies strive toward earnings and profitability and survival.  In many cases, companies would not survive and brands which we are familiar and grew up with became bankrupt and some extinct.

Behind the Eagle Clean Inc. business is a vision to secure American Trade careers by creating a network of skilled and licensed providers across core services for the home or office; the places which we nurture our family and career.  Trades such as Cleaning, Plumbing, Electrical, Repairs and Home Improvement and Design – all to be offered through a referral based network of providers and customers: Skilled, Licensed, Experienced and Bonded .  A system whereby being an Eagle Clean Inc. member, you earn credits for customer referrals and for Service Providers you can build your own sustainable network of customers, earn income and take advantage of a low cost business model and not having to worry about overhead cost such as office space and set up – utilities, advertising and marketing as well as the costs of organizing a business – all meant to keep American talent working and earning an income for their families, while being able to provide valued services to our neighbors and friends.  Finally all Providers become stakeholders of the company in a formula that for every year of service, with 4-Star ratings from customers, share value increases for the Provider and the investor.  All in an underlying effort to keep American jobs at home and our services beyond compare as the BEST!

Quality of service is the ultimate measure of value and success – something that IS the framework of our business.  We are staffed with teams who seek out the voice of the customer, inspect actual work done with inspection teams in the field ensuring that operating standards and work and safety regulations are adhered to and that our equipment and ingredients are those that meet out strict compliance requirements.