With Eagle Clean Inc. we go well beyond just machine type, steam/dry and special ingredients – we look at the scope of work to be done; heavy traffic ways, areas prone to unique soiling such as food, pets, color damage as well as consider the Carpet material type, weave and fiber.
Based from our analysis of the job to be done, we then apply pre-conditioner which includes enzymes and natural citrus solvents. Eagle Clean skilled technicians carry a full line of treatments for most types of stains from Red dye, coloring found is drinks and even coffee, to pen ink and gum and grease.  Depending on the pile, condition and color of the Carpet we then selected the appropriate equipment and method of agitating the fibers with our proven process to remove the spots, stains and dry soil all the way to the backing so no wicking occurs.  We then neutralize the Ph Balance to normal as our equipment removes the problem from your home safely.  Our Ph Neutralizing rinse is specially formulated to remove all applied treatments and cleaning formulas, leaving zero residues and a safe clean carpet for your family; a job done with care and done right the first time.