Eagle Clean Inc. offers the best solution to getting your floors and upholstery cleaned; using a full line of IICRC certified applications, including green seal approved and hypoallergenic products which allow us to fit everyone’s particular job needs.  With our focused staff and comprehensive training programs, our service technicians are assured to get your home or office up to “Happy Customer Standards”.  We’ve combined value along with honest hard work to provide the best service possible with a business relationship that you can always call on and count on!

Eagle Clean Inc. uses the industries best equipment and ingredients for all cleaning needs, safely.  We also carry a full line of hypoallergenic products for homes with customer’s special needs.

If you have a pet in the home, we use enzyme treatments for pet problem areas and include a low Ph rinse to eliminate any residue which leaves soft, sanitized and safe carpet for the whole family.

For carpets, floors and furniture that need something a little extra, we also offer full restoration cleaning which includes pre-scrubbing and latex as well as dye removal.

Eagle Clean Inc. also specializes in dry clean fabrics such as cotton, wool, chenille, faux fur, tapestry, and velvet, taffeta, silk, velveteen, tweed, and ultra-suede and suede cloth.